Zippy’s Guest Satisfaction Survey Information

Zippy’s Guest Satisfaction Survey: Zippy’s Guest Satisfaction Survey is designed to help them get a better understanding of how they are doing. The feedback provided will be used to help customers have a pleasant experience with Zippy’s.

By taking part in the survey and giving your honest feedback, you will help Zippy’s make their services even better. They might find some things they need to change.

Be as transparent as possible in your answers. They deserve to hear about your experiences with the service, no matter how positive or negative.

All feedback will be used constructively to make the overall customer experience with Zippy’s much better than before. Give the company a virtual pat on their back if they are doing things better than you expected.

About Zippy’s

Based in Hawaii, Zippy’s is a casual, fast food restaurant that has approximately 26 branches in various locations such as Maui, Oahu, and Big Island.

These restaurants are open all day so that you can find authentic Hawaiian food whether you are hungry in the morning or at night.

Zippy’s has been in operation for the last 50 years, serving Hawaii’s best and most authentic dishes.

Original recipe chili is the restaurant’s signature dish. It has been served since 1966. They believe in healthy food and providing a clean environment.

How to Take the Zippy’s Guest Satisfaction Survey



Zippy’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

Zippy’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

You must have:

  • Smart device with internet access
  • A Zippy’s receipt.
  • A survey invitation
  • You must understand English.
  • The survey takes only a few seconds.


  1. Follow this link to complete Zippy’s survey
  2. Please enter the date and time you will be visiting.
  3. Enter the receipt number.
  4. Enter the check number.
  5. Answer the questions honestly and authentically.
  6. If you feel the need to share something that was not asked for, you can do so.


Zippy’s has stood the test of time. Over the past 50 years, millions of people have enjoyed Zippy’s authentic Hawaiian dishes. Since 2005, chili from the original recipe has been making people smile. So why not complete the survey and help Zippy’s make the overall customer experience as welcoming as possible.

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Zippy’s FAQs

Is Zippys only in Hawaii?

Zippy’s began as a simple concept in the year 1966 in which two brothers Francis as well as Charles Higa started their first restaurant located on King Street in Honolulu. Through their tireless efforts and determination, Zippy’s has become a Hawaii tradition that has 24 locations in Oahu, Maui, Hawaii Island and in the near future -Las Vegas! Las Vegas!

How much is a Zippys franchise?

What is the Zippy Shell franchise fees cost? Zippy Shell comes with a franchise fee that ranges from $150,000 to $150,000 with a total investment range from $657,450 to $1,219,830. Ongoing Royalty Fee $16/container/mo.

Is there a Zippys in Kauai?

Zippy’s is a favorite within the Islands for its chili. … for some time, Kauai residents were able to enjoy the chain’s first neighbor island restaurant in Kapaa. Massive damage from Iniki’s hurricane Iniki was able to permanently shut down Zippy’s restaurant in 1992.

How do I order from Zippys?

It’s easy to buy Zippy’s favourites on the internet! Select the items you’d like buy, make payment using credit card, then collect them in the exact time at the at the Zippy’s preferred location.

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