The tofs Customer Satisfaction Survey, which you can take at, is a questionnaire posted by the company to gather details about their customer’s experience with their products and services. The company hopes to use the information to help them improve their services, and to reach new goals. Tofs knows that time is valuable and created this website to allow you to give feedback.

Tofs receives valuable insights into how you experience their offline or online store. You can let them know if you are satisfied with their services by taking the survey. You can also voice your opinions in the survey if the store is lacking in any particular aspect. As a token of appreciation for your feedback, tofs gives you the opportunity to participate in their monthly prize draw, where you can win a £250 gift card.

About tofs

Established in 1969, The Original Factory Shop, or tofs, was founded with a singular goal. The goal of this retail store was to offer products at factory prices to customers while bringing together the most prominent brands in the industry. Because they are committed to helping people save money, they continue to stockpile products at amazing prices on a regular base.

Tofs knows the importance of helping the community. That is why they have set up stores in small towns. To provide customers with a wide range of products and offers, the retailer strives to offer new offerings every week.

How to Take the Tofs Customer Satisfaction survey


You must:

  • English language comprehension and writing skills.
  • You should have access to a personal computer that you can use to surf the Internet.
  • A receipt should be in your possession for the latest tofs purchase.


  1. Copy the following link www.telltofs.comEnter the URL in your browser.
  2. The site will explain how it collects and uses data. Before you continue with the survey, please read this description.
  3. Enter the details of your purchase, such as till, store and Trx numbers. These details are available on your receipt. These details can be found on your receipt. The image to the right will help you find them.
  4. Before you answer, make sure to read through each question. Keep your feedback honest to ensure both you and the company gain from it.


tofs would love to thank you for sharing important data with them that they can use in order to improve their services. If you are lucky enough to win the monthly competition tofs will be in touch with your as soon as possible.

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