Swiss Chalet Guest Satisfaction Survey Information

Swiss Chalet Guest Satisfaction Survey: found at, is an online questionnaire designed by Swiss Chalet that gauges customer satisfaction. Your feedback is key to the company’s improvement efforts. You can complete this survey online.

You can have a say by taking the survey. You can share with the company all that happened. They want to know the good things; this means they’re doing right.

They also need to know about the negative aspects. This means that their store may have a problem and they must fix it. With the purchase of an entree, you can get a complimentary soup, salad, or Perogies.

About Swiss Chalet

Swiss Chalet, a Canadian restaurant chain, is well-known throughout Canada. It was established in Toronto, Canada in 1954.

Today, there are more Swiss Chalet chains across Canada than any other province except Quebec.

This restaurant chain is well-known for its slow-cooked, rotisserie chicken dishes and slow-cooked rib dishes. You can also order side dishes like home fries with poutine, salads, and coleslaw.

Customers can order from the drive-in, take-out, or get home delivery. Orders can be placed online or called into Swiss Chalet.

How to Complete the Swiss Chalet Guest Satisfaction Study


Swiss Chalet Guest Satisfaction Survey

Swiss Chalet Swiss-Chalet-Guest-Satisfaction-Survey

You Have to:

  • Access to the Internet and a computer
  • You should be able to read English and French.
  • Keep your Swiss Chalet receipt, which contains an invitation to the survey, handy.


  1. Go to
  2. You can also take the survey French by clicking the white hyperlink below the start button.
  3. Input the Cheque number, date of visit, and special access code. This information can be found in several places on your receipt. See the helpful sample receipts on both sides. When you are ready, click on Start.
  4. Answer questions. Before beginning any page, make sure you read through all instructions. This will allow you to choose the best answer. Also, be truthful and complete in your answers.
  5. If you have a printer, the coupon can be printed. You can also have the coupon emailed to yourself and printed later if you don’t have a printer.

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Swiss Chalet FAQs

Is Swiss Chalet closing in Canada?

The latest chain restaurant closures can be seen within Port Coquitlam, where both Swiss Chalet and Harveys will be closing their neighboring restaurants within Fremont Village on Hawkins.  There’s only one Swiss Chalet branch within Metro Vancouver, which is located in Burnaby.

Why did Swiss Chalet close?

The restaurant on 3233 Douglas St. has notices displayed on the doors of bailiffs Consolidated Civil Enforcement saying the landlord has been forced to end the lease as of May 15 due to rent arrears in addition to royalties, advertising and other charges that are due to the license agreement.

Is Swiss Chalet chicken bad for you?

Manufacturer: Swiss Chalet. The Point: Swiss Chalet’s chicken breast dinner is in line with the health Check guidelines and is healthier than fast-food restaurants in general.  As per Swiss Chalet’s nutritional table online the meat is almost twice the amount of cholesterol (7 g) as skin (4 grams).

What are Chalet fries?

In case allowing people to put innocent chicken pieces in the pool of sadness weren’t enough Swiss Chalet provides Chalet Saucewhich is freshly cut, seasoned fries and chicken that’s covered in Chalet Sauce-seasoned breading. They also sell the sauce in canned or powdered form at supermarkets and retail stores.

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