About the Smith & Wollensky Guest Satisfaction Survey

The Smith & Wollensky Guest Satisfaction Survey, found at www.Smithandwollenskylistens.com, is an online questionnaire designed by Smith & Wollensky that measures customer happiness. Based on the questionnaire, improvements are made in all stores. This survey can be completed online for your convenience.

The company wants to hear your thoughts. This is why you should use the survey. It isn’t possible for the company to contact every single customer and the customer may not want to be contacted. It is possible to allow them to complete a survey. They want to hear about what happens in their stores and make suggestions to improve them. A redemption code will be sent to you that can be used for the offer.

How to Participate in the Smith & Wollensky Guest Satisfaction Survey?

What you will need:

  • You should have Internet access and access to a computer.
  • You should be able to read English.
  • Have your recent Smith & Wollensky receipt that contains an invitation for the survey.

Smith & Wollensky Guest Satisfaction Survey

How to Survey?

  • Go to www.Smithandwollenskylistens.com.
  • Enter the 19 digit code found on your specific survey invitation. Click Enter.
  • Answer questions. Please refer to the instructions for each page. Before answering the question, make sure you read all of the answers and the entire question. While you are still on this page, your answer may be changed. You cannot change your answers once you have moved on. Please be truthful and thorough. Use text boxes where possible and when necessary.
  • On your survey invitation, write your redemption code. To redeem the offer, present the invitation at your next visit. You may receive a different offer, which is why the invitation must be included.

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