The Skyline Chili Customer Satisfaction Survey, found at, is an online questionnaire designed by Skyline restaurants in order to find out how well customers like or dislike their products and services. The company gets feedback about many things including the ambiance of the restaurant. For your convenience, this survey can be completed online.

Many people don’t pay attention to feedback surveys or just don’t think they are worth the time and effort. Most companies value your feedback because they want to hear what customers think about the store. You can give your opinion by taking the survey. The receipt will show you the amount you’ll receive. You might get a free or reduced item.

About Skyline Chili

Nicholas Lambrinides, an immigrant from Greece, opened the first Skyline Chili restaurant, in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1949. The name was chosen in honor of the beautiful view that the Skyline Chili location afforded patrons of downtown Cincinnati. The chain is a small chain that operates 152 restaurants across Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. They specialize in Cincinnati-style chili, which is served over spaghetti or hot dogs.

Lambrinides unique mix of cinnamon, chocolate and other spices is what gives the unique taste. Skyline Chili is the official chili for several sports teams including the Cincinnati Reds and the Columbus Blue Jackets. Skyline Chili sponsors an annual basketball match between Cincinnati and Xavier Universities.

How to Complete the Skyline Chili Customer Satisfaction Study


You must:

  • You should have Internet access and access to a computer.
  • You should be able to read Spanish and English.
  • Receive your Skyline Chili receipt, which contains an invitation to the survey.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter the survey code found on your receipt. The total number of digits should not exceed 12 It should be exactly the same as what is on your receipt. When you are ready, click Start
  3. Answer questions. Most questions will ask you to use a scale to “rate” your experience. Another option is to be presented with a small text box. You can enter your answer by clicking in the box. Please be honest with all instructions. This survey was designed so that you can answer all questions.
  4. There is a line on your receipt where you can write down the validation code that you received. Your code will be presented to you. Write it down and take it with.

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