The Sizzler Australia Customer Experience Survey, found at is an online questionnaire designed by Sizzler Australia to help the company find out what their customer’s preferences are. The information is used to help the company make updates to the store’s look and service. The survey can be completed online for your convenience.

One of the best ways to communicate is through surveys. No matter what your experience was, it is important that you have a voice. You may not think certain things are important, but they could be very important to the company. It is crucial to share everything, even small details. These surveys are needed by the company to learn from their customers. If they see many of the same suggestions, they can improve. A $5 discount code will be sent to you.

Sizzler Australia

Sizzler Australia serves fresh seafood, salads and soups as well as steaks. Sizzler Australia has one of the best casual dining experiences in Australia. They pride themselves on providing delicious and well-prepared meals at an affordable price. Sizzler Australia is known for its amazing food and casual dining experiences. They also offer great customer service.

Sizzler Australia lets its customers enjoy a wide range of delicious cheeses, fresh bread rolls, and other goodies while they wait to receive their order. This is thanks to a fresh, new, ‘Craft Salad Bar.’ Customers can opt to add a beverage complement to their meals from among the available assortment of beers and wines.

How to Take the Sizzler Australia Survey Customer Experience


You must:

  • You should have Internet access and access to a computer.
  • Learn Spanish or English.
  • Take a Sizzler Australia recent receipt and include an invitation to participate in the survey.


  1. Go to
  2. Then, read the brief paragraph and enter the store number found on your receipt. There will be four numbers total. Click below the text box to see a diagram.
  3. Input the date and time you visited.
  4. There will be questions about your experience. These questions will include your satisfaction with the service, the menu and the quality of the food. Always be truthful and follow directions.
  5. Note the code that was shown. The code should be printed on the receipt in the designated area. Take the receipt with your next visit to redeem.

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