The Schlotzsky’s Guest Satisfaction Survey is designed to find out what customers really think of their experience with the restaurant. The survey is the brands’ way of identifying its strengths and weaknesses. It is important to be as honest as possible when answering the survey. They really want to learn the truth about their food, staff, and so forth. You can ask a question that was not answered and it will make a difference for the brand. Please leave your feedback in the section.

This is your opportunity to let the brand know what you think about their products and services. While some companies may be reluctant to open up this door, Schlotzsky’s really wants to improve their services. They realize that customers can make or break your business. Give them constructive and positive feedback on how they can improve their services.

About Schlotzsky’s

While this restaurant chain specializes in sandwiches, it also serves pasta’s, wraps, pizzas and salad. It was established in Texas in 1971. They moved to Georgia in the following years.

It is well-known for its clever marketing slogans, and it has a presence throughout 35 states. There are also three chains in other countries. Some restaurants even sell cinnabon items.

How to Participate in the Schlotzsky’s Guest Satisfaction Survey


You must have:

  • A smart device or PC.
  • A reliable internet connection.
  • Your Schlotzsky’s restaurant receipt.
  • Take a few minutes to complete this survey.


  1. To enter the survey, click the link below
  2. Then, you will be asked to enter the code for the restaurant that you visited.
  3. After that, you’ll be asked to input whether you dined out, drove through, or dined in.
  4. Answer the following questions.
  5. Indicate whether or not you are part of the loyalty programme.
  6. Complete the survey.


Schlotzsky’s may not be the easiest name to pronounce, however, their sandwiches are much easier to fall in love with. There are also a wide selection of wraps, pizzas and pastas. There are many salad options available for those on a diet. Help Schlotzsky’s restaurant make their overall customer satisfaction experience great. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. It will allow the brand to grow and improve by serving you better.

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