You will find the Runza Customer Feedback Survey at, which the company uses to find out how their customers like their services. Runza uses the information from customers to provide them with useful direction on how to improve their dining experience.

You should realize that this survey is a valuable and important service you provide to the company. The company can use your feedback to identify areas for improvement. When you are happily visiting the company’s store, it informs them that they are following the right formula for great customer experience. If you’re not satisfied, the survey will inform the company about any areas that need improvement. Runza will reward you for taking the time to fill out the survey. The winner receives a gift certificate.

About Runza

Alex Brening, Alex’s brother, and Sally Everett started Runza in 1949 near Pioneers Park, Lincoln, Nebraska. In 1966, Runza was able to expand to another location, which gave them the opportunity to trademark the name Runza® Restaurants. Runza’s food was loved by customers and they were able open stores in 20 locations by 1983.

Runza has managed the Great Books for Great Kids program for over 12 years. It raised more than $400,000 for libraries and schools. Runza is well-known for supporting children with food and supplies. They support many local organizations that help to build and sustain their community.

How to Take the Runza Survey Customer Feedback


You Have to:

  • English proficiency in reading and writing.
  • Access to a personal device, such as a computer or smartphone that can connect to the Internet.


  1. Visit the official site, where you can take the company’s survey.
  2. To understand how you felt about dining at Runza, there are a few questions on this page.
  3. Each question will be used by the company to improve their products or services. You should carefully read each one. Select the correct answer, as some questions can be multiple-choice.
  4. Runza will let you know if you have used any coupons. You can also let the company know if you went to their store to sample one of their new products by filling out the survey.
  5. If you have any comments about the company’s services, do let them know in the text box.


Runza is grateful that you took the time to complete the survey. It gives them a deeper understanding of how to improve their products. If you are one the lucky winners of the gift cards drawing, Runza will reach out to you using the information in the survey.

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