The Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey was created to measure the strength and viability of a particular branch. The postal office wants to learn how staff interact with customers, whether services are helpful, whether products are best for customers at each branch, and other information.

This survey is also designed to assess whether the service provided by the Post office was satisfactory in terms of customer service. If you were able to be reached quickly, did you receive the right help, and are you likely to return to the branch in future?

Information about the Post Office

The Post Office is the UK’s largest network of retail financial services with branch volume exceeding that of UK building society’s and banks combined. They are also growing in direct channels, such as through contact centers and over the Internet. These channels allow them to reach more customers quicker.

Post Office also boasts over 370 years of service, 170 products and services, more than 11,000 branches across the country, and millions satisfied customers. Post Office oversees over 280 branches. Partners and sub poster masters have oversight of the remaining branches. Post office has partnered with over 170 products across four product categories. These include mails and retail, financial services, telecoms, government services and mails.

How to Take the Post Office Tell us Customer Survey


You can easily fill out surveys for any business. You only need three pieces of information about the recipe that you received from the business where you worked.

  • The store number is printed on your receipt.
  • The date of your visit.
  • The time you are visiting.

Each company is unique, so their surveys may differ. The post office will often need other information regarding your visit.

  1. Visit
  2. The type of service that you have purchased.
  3. It doesn’t matter if you bought stamps.
  4. It doesn’t matter if you used a self service kiosk.
  5. The address of the branch or postal code from which the service was rendered.
  6. You then submit your survey and you’re done.

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You can often win a prize by completing a survey at the post office. These prizes range from small gift vouchers to large cash prizes. These prizes come in random drawings. Participants who complete the survey are automatically entered in a contest to win the prize.


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