The Pizza Inn Guest Satisfaction Survey, which you will find at, is the restaurant’s questionnaire to understand and evaluate customer experience. The restaurant will use the information from the survey to make improvements in their stores. It is now available online so that all their customers can access it.

It gives the company great information about your experience by asking you questions. If the experience was positive, it will inform the company that the store follows the correct techniques. However, if you were not satisfied, the survey gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion about the store’s shortcomings. The survey will help the company understand what areas need improvement and how to change them.

About Pizza Inn

In 1958, two brothers from Texas started Pizza Inn. The first branch was opened on the campus at Southern Methodist University, Dallas. Due to the restaurant’s incredible customer-friendly service and mouth-watering pizzas, they were able to expand their outlets to several locations throughout Heartland.

To keep it as authentic as possible, the restaurant makes its own crust. Their tangy sauce is a signature of the restaurant and can be found on all their pizzas. They continue to be a leader in the industry with their innovative dishes like Taco Pizza, dessert Pizza and Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza. The restaurant also focuses on providing new ideas for their customers to enhance their pizzas. Since its inception, the restaurant has been treating its customers like family for more than three generations.

How to Complete the Pizza Inn Customer Satisfaction Study


You must:

  • English proficiency in reading and writing.
  • Access to a personal device, such as a smartphone or computer, that allows you to connect to Internet.
  • You will receive the receipt from your most recent purchase at one of their outlets.


  1. Follow the link
  2. The site will ask you to enter the restaurant’s number from your receipt, to start the survey.
  3. A questionnaire is used by the restaurant as a survey to assess your experience at the outlet. The restaurant will use your information so make sure it is accurate and truthful. You may need to take additional time to read through all the questions.


Restaurants will benefit from the information they collect through the survey to improve customer experience at all of their outlets. They are grateful to the restaurant for sharing valuable data.

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