Papa Gino’s and D’Angelo Guest Loyalty Survey

The Papa Gino’s and D’Angelo Guest Loyalty Survey, found at, is an online questionnaire designed by Papa Gino’s and D’Angelo to determine customer satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) of services and/or products offered by them. This information will be used by the company to improve their products and customer service as well as the atmosphere at the restaurant.

Participating in the survey will allow you to leave valuable feedback about your experience at the restaurant. The company wants to know what is working and what needs to be changed. A validation code will be sent to you for your next visit. This code could be for a coupon or free item.

About Papa Gino’s

The founders of Papa Gino’s carried authentic Italian recipes handed down from generations before them. They were inspired to open their first restaurant, Piece O Pizza in Boston in 1961. Seven years later they changed the name to Papa Gino’s and have pizzas in more than 150 locations across New England, today.

All over the region, people come from all walks of life to enjoy authentic pizza. They don’t compromise on the quality of their ingredients. This is what makes them so successful. Every slice of pizza is proof of their dedication to excellence. For authentic Italian pizza, make your way to Papa Ginos.

How to Participate in the Papa Gino’s and D’Angelo Guest Loyalty Survey?

Papa Gino’s and D’Angelo Guest Loyalty Survey

You must:

  • Access to the Internet and a computer
  • You should be able to read Spanish and English.
  • Have your recent Papa Gino’s and D’Angelo receipt that contains an invitation for the survey.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter the code on your receipt, and click Start.
  3. Answer questions about your recent visit. Take your time and answer all questions honestly. Follow all instructions; some questions allow you to answer more than one question, while others offer the option of a text box that allows you to enter additional information. These should be used whenever possible.
  4. After completing the survey, you’ll be provided with a validation code that you can use to add to your old receipt. The majority of cases require that you write the code directly on the receipt. Take the receipt along with you to receive the special discount.

Papa Gino’s and D’Angelo FAQ

What company owns Papa Gino’s?
Papa Gino’s Holdings Corp.
Papa Gino’s/Parent organizations
Is Papa Gino a real person?

The founder of Papa Gino’s, Michael A. Valerio was raised in Villa Latina in the Frosinone province of Italy approximately 50 miles east of Rome. In 1936, he emigrated from Italy to America. The United States with his family and settled in the largely Italian neighborhood located in East Boston.
What was the reason D Angelo’s restaurant to shut down?

The sudden demise of the D’Angelo company was the cause of the flood of posts that appeared on Facebook’s Upper Valley (VT/NH) Facebook page which saw users protest against the manner in which business’s proprietor PGHC Holdings responded to the abrupt closure on Sunday, but without giving employees with an advance warning of the closure.
What happened Papa Ginos?

On the 18th of September, Bunker Hill Capital Partners closed their investment with PGHC Holdings. On November 4, 2018, numerous Papa Gino’s stores closed abruptly, and their sole store in Maine was located at Auburn Mall. Auburn Mall. Papa Gino’s chain has gone from 150 locations down to 97.

Is Papa Ginos a franchise?

The company is headquartered located in Dedham, Massachusetts, Papa Gino’s Holding Corporation is the parent company for Papa Gino’s and D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches. The company runs over 360 of its own or franchised establishments and employs over 5000 employees.
Where is the original Papa Gino’s?
East Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Why are Papa Gino’s closing?

Papa Gino’s filed for bankruptcy protection following an abrupt shutting of more than 90 of its locations. The company was in the process of paying greater than 100 million of overall debt and had laid off 1100 employees. They blamed a range of factors for the bankruptcy which included the rising cost of minimum wages as well as price competition, shifting trends as well as its own debt.

How many Papa Gino’s locations are there?
Papa Gino’s/Number of locations
What is the story behind how Papa Gino’s earn its name?

By the year 1961, Valerio and Helen changed the name of their small pizza take-out business as Piece O’ Pizza. It was later changed it to Papa Gino’s in 1967 in the honor of Gino, his brother. … “Michael was owner , and the brother of Michael was Gino.

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