Olive Garden, the most famous Italian-American restaurant, has more than 800 locations across the globe, and serves millions every day. Olive Garden opened its doors in 1982. It is known for providing delicious, affordable meals that beat the price of the competition. Olive Garden charges $15 per customer on average, while rivals charge $60. Olive Garden is affordable because it offers full-service dining.

You can still save even more with this incredible value. Filling out an Olive Garden Guest Satisfaction Study is one way to do that. Filling out the survey won’t just give you the chance of winning some fantastic cash prizes which you could put towards your next meal (or next few meals), but it will also give you the opportunity to provide valuable feedback to the company. Your feedback will be used to improve the quality of Olive Garden’s products and services.

How to Take an Olive Garden Guest Satisfaction survey

Terms and conditions:

  • You must complete the survey within seven days of your Olive Garden meal to be eligible for the prize draw.
  • A computer or mobile device that has an internet connection and can access the web.
  • Only legal residents of the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico are allowed to take part in this survey.
  • To contact the winners, your personal contact information will be required after you have completed the survey.
  • You can access the survey in English or Spanish.
  • You will need an Olive Garden receipt.

Complete the Olive Garden Guest Satisfaction survey 

  1. Olive Garden created a survey that is engaging and simple to complete. Olive Garden surveys will allow you to voice your opinion as a consumer, unlike other surveys that may ask you irrelevant or inexplicable questions.
  2. Go to the following page
  3. Your official Olive Garden receipt ID Number. This ID number is prominently displayed below your itemized orders.
  4. Now you can fill out the questions. To continue with the questions, click the next button. You can then use the radio buttons for your answers. The questions range from satisfaction with the meal to the attentiveness of the wait staff and management while you were eating.
  5. You will be able, at the end of the survey to submit your details for the prize draw. This is optional, so if you don’t want to enter then you don’t have to, but with $1000 up for grabs, we recommend that you do.


The Olive Garden Guest satisfaction questionnaire takes just a few minutes to complete. When you have the ability to influence how the restaurant delivers its service, while also going into the draw to win cash prizes, there’s no reason why you should not complete the satisfaction survey after your next meal.

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