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Old Navy Customer Feedback Survey: Old Navy’s Customer Feedback Survey seeks to identify the problems and make improvements so that customers have a better shopping experience.

If you have bought an item recently, then tell them everything that’s on your mind about that transaction.

The links to the survey, as well as other relevant sites, are listed below. It shouldn’t take long to answer the questions. Honest feedback is always appreciated.

Old Navy

GAP, an industry giant, owns this US-based clothing retailer. It was established in 1994 to meet a demand for cheaper clothes from Target. It was a popular concept that became a billion-dollar business in its fourth year.

Over a thousand locations are available all around the globe. They are well-known for their jeans, business clothes and maternity clothes. They cater to both men and women. The annual sales reached $6 billion in 2015

How to Take the Old Navy Customer Feedback survey


Old Navy Customer Survey

Old Navy

Old Navy Customer Feedback Survey

You Have to:

  • An internet connection that is fast and reliable.
  • Answer the questions in a few minutes
  • A device that allows web browsing.
  • An Old Navy receipt.


  1. Go to the feedback website at www.feedback4oldnavy.com.
  2. Then, you will be asked where you purchased an Old Navy product. You can also choose the language.
  3. In the receipt, enter the date and time of purchase. You must also enter the store, transaction, and registration numbers. Indicate if your age is older than 18. To find all the information you need, use the sample receipt image.
  4. Ask them if you are currently employed by GAP or one of its affiliates.
  5. All answers must be specific to this visit. Rate your satisfaction with the shopping experience. In just one sentence, describe how you felt.
  6. Please describe your main purpose in visiting the store. Indicate for whom you purchased the item. Select all options that are relevant to your situation. You can do the same for the reasons you selected this particular location.
  7. Let them know if you are having trouble finding the right sizes.
  8. Inform them if a device on a mobile phone was used during the visit in connection with related activities.
  9. A number of statements will be presented to you. You will be asked to rate your agreement with each statement.


Old Navy has become a loved clothing brand that exceeds all expectations. Drop by to complete the survey and tell us about your experience.

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Old Navy FAQs

How do I leave a review on Old Navy?

(a) Complete an online Product Review: Follow the link provided in an email sent by Old Navy inviting you to submit a review of the product through the review portal for products on the website of each brand and then complete an appropriate review for at minimum 1 (1) Old Navy product.

Is Gap or Old Navy better?

Gap offers discounts on practically everything which could reduce margins and in the end, making it less likely for shoppers to spend the full amount. They also offer a wide selection of the same styles and high-quality clothing that is Old Navy however at an additional cost.

Are Old Navy mail returns free?

If you prefer to send your return by mail to us, you can use the return shipping label that comes with the package. Refunds as well as exchanges are always at no cost. You can return items up to 45 days to exchange items that you purchased from Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic.  Note: For items that are marked “Mail only”, merchandise must be returned via postal post.

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