It was not easy to conduct customer feedback surveys. Each customer had to be asked by a sales representative or quality manager to fill out the feedback form and booklet. It was time-consuming and inefficient, and customers were reluctant to give feedback.

Companies must actively identify and correct any flaws or loopholes in their operations if they are to survive in a digitally connected world. Taking customer feedback is a simple way of acquiring valuable information regarding the levels of quality and what the customer’s expectations are. This information can be classified and analyzed to uncover actionable points that will improve the quality of the business’s overall productivity.

Old Navy

Gap Inc., an American multinational corporation, owns Old Navy. Old Navy is a popular accessory and apparel company. Old Navy has its largest flagship retail stores in Seattle, Chicago and New York.

Old Navy was created in response to the rise of affordable clothing. It was originally known as Gap Warehouse. Old Navy stores were intended to be grocery stores that sold impulse items at the checkout counters.

How to Take the Old Navy Customer Survey


Terms and Conditions

  • To get a 10% discount on the next purchase, you must complete the survey within five days.
  • For the discount to be valid, you must have the receipt along with the survey code.
  • Online orders are not eligible for the offer
  • Only merchandise is eligible for the offer
  • This offer cannot be combined with any price or prior purchase adjustment.
  • The offer is valid only for three months starting at the date of purchase.


  1. Visit the Old Navy Customer Feedback Page at
  2. Choose the right language from the country options.
  3. Enter the required credentials and fields. Make sure to click on the button that says “I am not a robot.”
  4. An introductory message will greet you. To continue with the survey, click Next
  5. Please complete the survey honestly and accurately.
  6. Afterwards, you will be asked for certain details about your identity. Answer them correctly.
  7. Next, type in your email ID and click next to complete the survey and generate the code.


It is now possible to conduct customer feedback surveys online and answer them with ease thanks to the rapid advancements in computer technology. The survey can be completed in less than two minutes. Additionally, the entire process is done online which saves both time and resources for the company.

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