About the Legal Sea Foods’ Guest Satisfaction Survey

The Legal Sea Foods’ Guest Satisfaction Survey, found at www.Lsf-listens.com, is an online questionnaire designed by Legal Sea Foods that measures customer appreciation. You can use the information to improve or make changes in your company’s operations. The survey can be completed online for your convenience.

Your voice matters. The company understands that without you, they don’t exist. So, the survey is designed to let you talk with the company and share what’s on your mind. Tell them if you have any problems with your visit. There is a good chance that you are not alone in having a problem. This means that there are other people who have the same problem. Tell others if you have had a positive experience. Most people have a positive experience in that particular area. You will receive a validation code that can be used for redeeming the offer printed on your receipt.

How to Participate in the Legal Sea Foods’ Guest Satisfaction Survey?

These are the things you’ll need

  • Access to the Internet and a computer
  • Learn English.
  • Keep your Legal Sea Foods receipt, which contains an invitation to the survey, with you.

Legal Sea Foods’ Guest Satisfaction Survey

Steps to Conduct a Survey

Go to www.Lsf-listens.com.

Click on start to enter the check number (either five digits or six digits), and the ID number (11). These pieces of information can be found on your receipt.

Answer questions. Answer all questions honestly and fully. You should read all possible answers before deciding on the correct one. It is important to carefully read all instructions and questions.

Keep the code in a separate place. Write your code in the area provided on your receipt. You can redeem the entire receipt at your next visit by taking along the whole receipt.

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Is Legal Sea Foods out of business?

Many Legal Sea Foods restaurants have shut down recently including six that were permanently shut down during the COVID-19 epidemic.  But it is expected that the Berkowitz family will retain the control over an online company offering seafood online. It will remain operating with the Legal Sea Foods name.

Has Legal Sea Foods been sold?
Legal Sea Foods has been sold to Smith & Wollensky owner of PPX Hospitality.
What is Legal seafood known for?

This restaurant is part of the famous Boston restaurant chain that serves classic New England fare. It is known for its love of freshness and high quality, Legal Sea Foods is a family-owned business and run by Roger Berkowitz, a James Beard Award winner.

Is Legal Sea Food Fresh?

Description: The main dish of Legal Sea Foods – really fresh fish. … with more than 40 types of fresh seafood and shellfish on offer throughout the year, as along with an award-winning wine selection it’s not difficult to understand why a plethora of customers have fallen from a hook on the line, sinker, and hook.

Is Legal C Bar the same as Legal Seafood?

In addition to the standard Legal Sea Foods locations, the company also has innovative concepts like Legal Test Kitchen, Legal C Bar, Legal Harborside, Legal Crossing, Legal Oysteria Legal on the Mystic as well as Legal Fish Bowl. Legal Sea Foods’ long-standing slogan has been “If it isn’t fresh, it isn’t Legal!”

Is Legal Harborside the same as Legal Seafood?

We are now available for outdoor dining on the patio at Harborside in the event of a storm. Legal Harborside is Legal Sea Food’s 20,000 square-foot flagship property located on the Boston Waterfront, comprising of three floors and three distinct ideas under the same (retractable) rooftop.

Did all Legal Seafoods close?

Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.-based Legal Sea Foods is permanently shutting down the doors of two locations and is likely to be forced to close other in the near future, if it is one of the food outlets that has been hit by the COVID-19 epidemic. … Legal now has 13 restaurants open with two of them being airport-based restaurants.

Who bought Legal Seafood restaurants?

In the last week of December, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. -based PPX Hospitality which also owns restaurants under the Smith & Wollensky and The Strega Group restaurant chains, purchased Legal’s restaurants as well as a quality control centers.

How many Legal Sea Foods locations are there?

From a fish market run by a family in Inman Square, to a renowned seafood spot that has 23 places across the Eastern Seaboard.

How much is a lobster roll at Legal seafood?
Legal Sea Foods Prices
Item Price
Legal’s Crab Cake $18.50
Tuna Burger $16.95
Lobster Roll (Market Price) $0.00
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $14.95

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