Kinney drugs has developed the KinneyKares Customer Survey to gauge customer satisfaction regarding their products and services. This information will be used by the business to improve their customer service and products. The survey can be completed online for your convenience.

Participating in the questionnaire will allow you to share your experiences at the store. Your comments will help the company determine what is working and what should be improved. The company will then be able to correct the problem and provide a better customer experience. A redemption code will be sent to you. This will allow you to get $2 off your next order of minimum $20. This will help you save money.

Kinney Drugs

Kinney Drugs strives for high quality products and services to its customers in the areas of pharmacy, health, and retail. There are 110 locations across the chain, which has stores in Vermont, central and northern New York. Burt Orrin Kinney, a pharmacist and founder, opened his first store in Gouverneur in 1903. Kinney Drugs, a pioneer in the concept of a drug store chain, has been around for many years. It was also one of the first companies that expanded beyond its original offerings.

Kinney Drugs operates more than just its stores. They also operate the ProAct prescription benefit management company, HealthDirect institutional pharmacy service, Noble Health Services, and HealthDirect mail-order pharmacy services.

How to take the Kinney Drugs Customer Experience survey


You Have to:

  • Access to the Internet and a computer
  • Learn Spanish or English.
  • Keep your Kinney Drugs receipt, which contains an invitation to the survey, with you.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter the 11-digit invitation number you received in your receipt. To continue, click the blue arrow
  3. Answer questions about your most recent experience. These questions will allow you to choose from multiple options.
  4. You might choose to select more than one answer, so make sure you read the instructions on each page. Be honest in your answers. You may be able to use a text box for some questions. You can enter your answer in your own words here. These should be used when possible.
  5. Once you’re done with the questionnaire, a redemption number will be provided to you. Take the code with you when you return for your next visit.

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