The J. Gilbert’s Guest Satisfaction Survey, is an online survey located at This survey provides feedback and information on customer experience and satisfaction. Your responses to the questions in the J. Gilbert’s Guest Satisfaction Survey, will assist in determining any changes that would continue to exceed customer expectations, resulting in customers returning. Each question may require a different response. The answers can be answered with multiple choices, a yes or not answer, or a multiple choice answer. It is possible to rate an item, satisfaction with customer services, or the location. It may sometimes be possible to write about your experience, depending on how you answer.

About J. Gilbert’s

J. Gilbert’s is perhaps one of the premier wood-fired steakhouses and seafood restaurants in the Midwest. It is well-known for its outstanding food and knowledgeable, friendly waitstaff.

J. Gilbert’s sets itself apart from other restaurateurs by offering traditional Midwest cuisine in a casual and elegant setting. They provide fine dining at an affordable price and offer other amenities such a bar, fireplace, and banquet facilities for special occasions.

You can enjoy prime wood-fired steak and seafood, as well as other delicious and succulent dishes like Mishima Ranch Wagyu Burger, Maple Plank Roasted Salmon and seven-layer coconut cakes made from scratch. The restaurant is known for its warmth and genuine quality food.

How to Take the J. Gilbert’s Guest Satisfaction Survey


You Have to:

  • You should have Internet access and access to a computer.
  • Learn English.
  • Have your recent J. Gilbert’s receipt that contains an invitation for the survey.


  1. Visit the website
  2. You will receive a code number for your survey invitation on your receipt. You will enter the code in the boxes given to begin the questions in the J. Gilbert’s Guest Satisfaction Survey.
  3. The questions could include the comfort and appearance of the area, the products purchased and your satisfaction with the customer service.
  4. Once you indicate a product, you might be asked to review the quality, quantity or other responses. For feedback in other areas, you may be asked additional questions.

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