IGA Shopper Experience Survey

The IGA Shopper Experience Survey, found at www.IGAstore-feedback.com, is an online questionnaire designed by IGA that allows the company to measure customer happiness in regards to areas in the store. The main purpose of the information is to make improvements in customer service, atmosphere, etc. The survey can be completed online for your convenience.

As a customer, it is a great idea to leave feedback. You know things the company doesn’t. Corporations can see every single thing that happens in their stores, so it is up to the customers to tell them what’s going on. The feedback is mainly used to learn what works and what doesn’t. This allows the company to make improvements when they are most needed. You may also be eligible to win $50 worth of merchandise coupons from IGA.

IGA Shopper

The Independent Grocers Alliance is an American chain of independent grocers with more than 5,000 locations in 46 states and 30 foreign countries. In Chicago, founded in 1926, the alliance supports local family-owned grocery stores in surviving the increasing competition from big supermarket chains.

Each IGA store is unique and different, and many are run by third-, fourth-, and fourth-generation owners. The alliance offers members training and assessment programs as well as products from store brands and a distribution network.

How to Take the IGA Shopper Experience Study

IGA Shopper Experience Survey

 You Have to:
  • Internet access on a computer.
  • You must be able to read English enough to take part in the discussion.
  • A recent IGA Shopper receipt is required from a participating retailer.
  • Participation is open to anyone 18 or older


  1. Go to www.IGAstore-feedback.com.
  2. You can choose to shop in the US, Caribbean/Mexico or both.
  3. To find Stores in the US, enter your zip code and click submit. Click on the Provide Feedback button to the right to choose the store in the list. For stores in Mexico/Caribbean: First, select the location of the store using the drop-down box. Next, choose the store from this list.
  4. You can enter the date and time you visited, then rate your experience and leave comments. There are nine pages to complete. Be honest and be attentive to the instructions.
  5. Enter the drawing. You will need to fill out a brief form with your contact details, including your name, email address, and telephone number.

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