The Heinen’s Customer Survey, found at, is an online questionnaire designed by Heinen’s that measures customer satisfaction of services and products offered by them. Your information will be used by the company to improve customer service, store atmosphere, and products. You can complete the survey online.

Participating in the survey will give you an opportunity to provide valuable feedback on your experience with the store. This company really wants this feedback so they can understand what works and what doesn’t. You will be able to help them fix any problems and make your experience better. To redeem the survey invitation offer, you will be provided with a validation code. To leave feedback, you don’t have to use the discount.

About Heinen’s

Heinen’s, founded in 1929 by Joe Heinen in Cleveland, Ohio is a family-owned grocery store chain that specializes in fine foods. One small grocery store was the beginning of a giant chain of grocery stores. Now there are 23 locations. The 23 stores include four in Illinois and six in Ohio.

Besides selling specialty and fine foods, Heinen’s Grocery Store offers a wide range of catering services, including full service event catering for various social events, like weddings, parties, and casual get-togethers. The store provides an event planner, skilled chefs, and a team of service staff.

How to Take the Heinen’s Customer Survey


You must:

  • You should have Internet access and access to a computer.
  • Learn Spanish or English.
  • Have your recent Heinen’s receipt that contains an invitation for the survey.


  1. Go to
  2. In the text boxes, enter the 14-digit code found on your receipt. You are not required to “tab” over to the next box; continue typing until the end. When you are ready, click Start.
  3. Answer questions about your visit. It is important to answer all questions honestly and thoroughly. There will be multiple choices for some questions, where you can only choose one answer. Some questions will have multiple choices, where you can choose more than one answer. Some will offer multiple choices where you can choose more than one answer. Others will give you a text box in which to enter your answers. Please follow the directions.
  4. Once you are done with the survey, a validation number will be displayed to you. To redeem the code, you must keep it on your receipt.

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