About Ground Round Grill & Bar-Guest Experience Survey

The Ground Round Grill & Bar-Guest Experience Survey, found at, is an online questionnaire designed by Ground Round Grill & Bar to help improve customer satisfaction. You will find the entire survey on one page so it takes less time.

About Ground Round Grill & Bar

Ground Round Grill & Bar is an American chain of casual restaurants. It was founded by Howard Johnson’s in 1969 and currently has more than 30 restaurants in 13 states. Ground Round was famous for its children’s parties that were held for customers in the 1970s and 1980s. Old silent movies and cartoons were shown at the parties and children enjoyed seeing the restaurant’s mascot, Bingo the Clown.

Ground Round caters more to adults than it does families, but it is still open to all. Independent Owners Cooperative, LLC, which is a franchisee group, purchased Ground Round in January 2010.

How to Take the Ground Round Grill & Bar-Guest Experience Survey

These are the things you’ll need

  • You should have Internet access and access to a computer.
  • You should be able to read English.
  • Have your recent Ground Round Grill & Bar receipt that contains an invitation for the survey.


  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to see the survey.
  3. Enter your email address, name, and server name. Although you are not required to enter your server name or the server’s address, your email is.
  4. The format is: mm/dd/yy. Enter the time and date of the visit.
  5. Enter your check number from your receipt if you have it.
  6. Enter the 4- or 3-digit code found at the bottom on your receipt. This code is mandatory.
  7. How often do you visit Ground Round? You can select more than one answer for the “how did you hear” question.
  8. You can rate your experience, and you can leave comments in this box. It can be very helpful so please do it.
  9. Comment on the helpfulness of the staff, speed of service and accuracy of ordering, as well as the quality of your food. Please leave any comments.
  10. If they don’t make something you would like to see, mention it in the next box.
  11. The following statements can be rated using the provided scale.
  12. Answer a few class questions to determine if you want to join their email group.
  13. Add any additional information to the form and click Send.

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