Gap Outlet / Gap Factory Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Gap Outlet / Gap Factory Customer Satisfaction Survey, found at, is an online questionnaire designed by GAP Outlet / GAP Factory Store that allows the company to measure your satisfaction and the satisfaction of others based on products and services. The company can use this information to determine what areas need to be improved. For your convenience, this survey can be done online.

You have the opportunity to provide feedback by taking this survey. While it might not seem like much fun, you will benefit from the feedback. It is important to immediately address any issues or negative experiences. Many times, the company doesn’t even know there is a problem. This helps them understand their customers’ needs and wants. A coupon will be sent to you that gives you 15% off your next transaction.

Gap Factory / Gap Outlet

Gap, Inc. is also known as GAP Outlet or GAP Factory. It is an American online retailer of clothing accessories and apparel. Gap Factory Outlet offers the best online discount. These discounts are available when you purchase the latest clothing styles for men, women, children, babies, toddlers, and kids.

GAP stores that are owned by the company are located in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy France, Canada Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia Hong Kong, China, Mexico, Canada, and Japan. GAP Outlet/GAP Factory also has franchise agreements that allow them to operate Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic stores across 43 countries. Gap Inc. owns approximately 3727 franchises and company-owned shops.

How to Take Part in the Gap Factory Customer Satisfaction Survey


Gap Factory Customer Satisfaction Survey

You Have to:

  • Access to the Internet and a computer
  • Learn to read French, Spanish, and English.
  • Take a recent receipt that includes an invitation to take part in the survey.


  1. Go to
  2. Click on the circle to choose your preferred language, and then click Begin.
  3. Click Start Survey to enter the store ID, country, transaction number, and complete date.
  4. Answer all questions honestly and as thoroughly as possible.
  5. Before the survey can be completed, your printer should be turned on. Most cases will automatically print the coupon. However, you can only print one coupon at a time so make sure everything is working correctly.

Gap Outlet / Gap Factory FAQ

Are Gap Factory and Gap outlet the same thing?

Gap offers lower-priced items in “Gap Factory” stores, however, legally Gap Factory isn’t an outlet but in the traditional sense. The clothing isn’t Gap leftovers. They’re produced independently.
What’s happened to the Gap outlet?

They’re constantly closing more than 350 poorly performing Gap stores in traditional shopping malls, and 130 Banana Republic mall outlets by 2024. This could mean that up to 80 percent of remaining Gap stores will be outside mall places.
Does Gap Factory have Gap Body?
Love By GapBody New Arrivals | Gap Factory.
Where is the factory for gap located?

Gap Factory stores in Atlanta offer a variety of styles of clothes and accessories with an elegant, polished look for a reasonable price. It is located on 3393 Peachtree Road, NE Shop the most current Gap Factory collection of women’s and men’s clothes featuring a contemporary interpretation of our roots in denim.

Are Gap Factory better than Old Navy?

A gap is a store that offers discounts on almost every item at the store, which could hurt margins and making customers less likely to purchase at full price. The store also has a variety of the same styles and high-quality clothes as Old Navy but at an additional cost.
Can Gap factory products return to Gap?

For instance, if you bought an item through, you can return it to the Gap Factory retail store, however, not to the Banana Republic Factory store or an ordinary Gap Specialty store. Returns for factory store items aren’t able to be processed by a normal Gap as well as a Banana Republic store.

Is it true that the Gap stores closing down? their

It’s not difficult to see the fact that Gap has closed shops throughout North America for years amid declining sales.  In October last year it laid out plans to shut down around 350 Gap as well as Banana Republic stores in North America by 2023.
Does the gap still exist?
As of September 2008, the company has approximately 135,000 employees and operates 3,727 stores worldwide, of which 2,406 are located in the U.S.
Gap Inc.
Logo since 2016
Gap Inc. headquarters building
Industry Retail
Founded August 21, 1969, San Francisco, California, U.S.
Founders Donald Fisher Doris F. Fisher
Is Gap a high-end brand?
Most valuable fashion brands
Brand 2020 Brand Value $
63 Calvin Klein $1.5 b
64 Net-a-Porter $1.5 b
65 Furla $1.5 b
66 GAP $1.3 b
Are you sure Gap is a good brand?

GAP is an affordable brand that’s products fall in the middle of price. GAP is well-known for its clothes, however, they also sell other products too. GAP has a range of shirts, jeans dresses, as well as accessories. … GAP is a good brand due to the exceptional quality of their clothes for a very reasonable cost.

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