Customer satisfaction is still a key factor in today’s competitive business environment. Customer satisfaction is essential in determining what customers need to do to keep them happy and coming back for more. So how do brands get this much-needed insight into their customer’s thoughts? The best of way of doing it is by designing surveys such as the Friendly’s Guest Satisfaction Survey. Friendly’s places much significance on its customer’s opinions, which is one of the reasons as to why it is named “Friendly’s”.

Friendly’s emphasis on superior customer services is what sets it apart from the competition. This is why the Friendly’s Guest Satisfaction Survey is so helpful to this business. It is expected that customers answer as many questions as possible. It doesn’t matter whether your experience was good or bad, you should still make a note of mentioning it. No matter what kind of experience you have had with the company in the past, your feedback will still be useful.

About Friendly’s

Friendly’s was founded in 1935. The first Friendly’s opened in Springfield, Massachusetts during the great depression. It started as a small ice cream shop selling double-dip cones for $5 per cone. Now there are more than 380 outlets across the country. Seventy years down the line, Friendly’s is still one of the best places to make memories while enjoying your favorite ice cream flavors.

What makes Friendly’s so unique is the fact that it services tasty homemade ice cream after scrumptious meals like the signature beef burgers and super melt sandwiches, along with 20 other delicious items on the menu to choose from.

How to Take the Friendly’s Guest Satisfaction Survey


You Have to Have:

  • A smart device like a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Access to the internet is required for this device.
  • An understanding of English in general.


  1. Take the survey now
  2. Enter the 14-digit survey codes found on your receipt.
  3. Click “next” and begin survey.
  4. Answer all questions accurately.
  5. Send the survey.


Friendly’s is one of the best places to grab a great meal and chase it with your favorite ice cream. This family-friendly business cares about their customers, and they want them to come back time after time. So, if you have anything to say about your Friendly’s experience, take the survey and leave your comments as well. Your future customer experiences will be greatly improved by your feedback.

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