The Foot Locker Customer Satisfaction Survey, found at, is an online survey designed by Foot Locker that allows customers a chance to leave feedback about their most recent experience. This information will help the company better understand your needs as well as those of others. The company is interested in understanding what people want and need so that they can make changes. This survey can also be completed online.

Foot Locker’s customer service, products, and stores will be improved if you participate in this survey. It’s in your best interests to let the company know how you feel, what you like (or don’t like). You will get a $10 coupon code to redeem $10 off your next $50 purchase. To participate in the survey, you don’t need to get the coupon code.

Foot Locker

Foot Locker Retail, Inc., an American chain of stores that sell athletic shoes and sportswear, is based in the USA. The flagship store opened up in New York City’s Midtown Manhattan and now has locations in over 20 different countries throughout the world. Foot Locker, a successor to F.W. Woolworth Company. Footlocker is now home to many of the old Woolworth Drugstore locations.

Since then, the company has opened other specialty stores such as Champs Sports, Lady Foot Locker, and Kids Foot Locker. Employees are known for wearing black-and white striped jersey store uniforms.

How to take the Foot Locker Customer Satisfaction survey


You must:

  • You should have Internet access and access to a computer.
  • You should be able to read Spanish and English.
  • Keep your most recent Foot Locker receipt, which contains an invitation to the survey, with you.


  1. Go to
  2. Click on the large arrow at center of page to choose your preferred language.
  3. Look at the top of your receipt for the five-digit store number. To help you find this information, there is a diagram at the left. Click the large arrow at the right.
  4. A few questions will be asked about your recent visit. These questions should be answered honestly and fully. You might be allowed to provide additional information for some questions. If possible, please do so.
  5. After the survey is completed, you will receive a validation number to add to your receipt. This code will give you a $10 coupon on your next $50 purchase. You can redeem the coupon by taking the receipt with your next visit.

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