The Build A-Bear workshop Guest Satisfaction Survey can be found at This survey measures customers’ satisfaction with the products and services they have received from the company. Build-A-Bear Workshop may use the information to make improvements in many areas such as customer service, product quality, and store atmosphere. For greater convenience, the survey can be completed online.

While participation in the survey can be voluntary, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts about your experience at the store. Because they want to make the store a better place for customers and you, the company wants your feedback. Listening to what other customers have to say is the only way to achieve this. They offer a $1,000 sweepstakes to help you save your time. For feedback to be left, you are not required to enter sweepstakes.

About Build-A Bear

American retailer Build-A-Bear Workshop sells stuffed animals as well as accessories for stuffed animals. Build-A Bear Workshop was established in 1997. Customers can create their purchases from start to finish with this interactive experience. Build-A-Bear Workshop has the largest number of such chains in existence today.

Build-A-Bear is also known for its high-quality workplace environment, and has been praised as one of the best employers for teens. Build-A-Bear Workshop offers other brand expansions, including Friends 2B Made (a community experience), Build a Bearville (an interactive community experience), and Make Your Own Mascot.

How to complete the Build-A Bear Workshop Guest Satisfaction Study


You must:

  • Access to the Internet and a computer
  • You should be able to read Spanish and English.
  • Keep your Build-A-Bear workshop receipt, which contains an invitation to the survey, with you.
  • To participate, you must be 18 or older


  1. Go to
  2. Choose your preferred language
  3. Enter the receipt code at the bottom. Enter the information without a dash. The password will contain 20 digits. When you are ready, click on Start.
  4. Answer as truthfully as you can the questions given to you. When possible, use text boxes
  5. Once you have completed answering the questions, you will be able to enter the sweepstakes. Follow the directions and enter your information. If you don’t wish to enter the drawing, simply close your browser window.

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