Big O Tires Guest Survey

The Big O Tires Guest Survey, found at, is an online questionnaire designed by Big O Tires that helps rate customer appreciation of the company’s products or services. Sometimes, improvements are needed in the atmosphere, items, and customer service. The company uses the information to guide them on what to change. This survey is completed online for your convenience.

Participating in the survey is a great way to let the company know how you feel. Everybody has had an experience in their life where they wish they could share the issue with the company’s manager or owner. These surveys are designed to let people vent. They are able to take the problems and fix them, which makes future visits easier for customers. A coupon good for $10 off your next order will be sent to you. You may be subject to restrictions; check the coupon for more information.

About Big O Tires

Big O Tires, LLC. is the 2nd largest tire retailer franchise in North America. The company was founded in 1962 as a result of the splitting of OK Tires. It has been under different ownership over the years but the rest is history.

The current headquarters is in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. They specialize in the selling and servicing of tires, wheels, alignments, and wheels. The auto giant prides itself on offering oil, lube, and filters changes, lamps, struts installations, brake service, and battery replacement.

How to Take Part in the Big O Tires Guest Survey?

Big O Tires Guest Survey

You Have to:

  • Internet access on a computer.
  • Ability to comprehend and use English to participate.
  • You must have a Big O Tires receipt that you received from a participating retailer.
  • A printer that can print and turn on is essential.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter the name and the city of the place.
  3. Choose the exact location.
  4. Answer questions such as if they would recommend them, to staff, or for the car’s service. You will be given a text area in which to freely write about the company.
  5. Enter your name, number, and email address.
  6. On the next page, your coupon will appear. Follow these steps to print.

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