Found at, the Big Boy Guest Satisfaction Survey consists of a series of specific questions, to understand and evaluate the experience of their customers. The survey helps the company gather a lot of data that will help them make changes within the company. The survey is open to all customers, and they can participate online.

Participating in this survey will provide the company with real-world data that they can use for a better understanding of their stores. It is a sign that the company has the right methods and techniques to deliver a great customer experience. If you’re not satisfied, it means that they need to make improvements and improve their services. You will receive a complimentary item from their menu as a gesture of appreciation for your participation in the survey.

About Big Boy

Bob Wian, founder of Big Boy sold his beloved car to buy and operate a hamburger stand in California in 1936. Initially, the name of the restaurant was Bob’s Pantry. Big Boy was the new name, after a customer helped him clean up and gave him a free hamburger. According to a customer, the double-decker burger is the most popular burger in the restaurant.

A customer provided the company with the character by drawing him on a napkin. The restaurant chain has been around for more than 76 decades and continues to attract thousands of customers every day.

How to Take the Big Boy Satisfaction Survey


You must:

  • Learn English.
  • Access to a personal device, such as a tablet or smartphone, desktop, laptop, or desktop that can connect to the Internet.
  • Keep the receipt of your most recent purchase at one of their outlets.


  1. Click the link to learn more
  2. To start the survey, enter your personal information such as name, email address and number.
  3. As the company uses your data to make necessary changes, it is important that you answer every question honestly.
  4. Within 14 days of your visit, you will receive the validation code. You can then exchange the item for a free one. The code can be written on the back of the receipt and you can redeem it at any Big Boy outlet.


Your participation in the survey was appreciated by the company. You have 30 days to redeem your survey participation validation code. Visit one of their locations as soon as possible.

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