Best Western Guest Satisfaction Survey Information

Best Western Guest Satisfaction Survey: Best Western’s Guest Satisfaction Survey is available at This online survey helps to determine how satisfied customers are.

Based on the responses, it allows for improvements to be made in the store. For your convenience, this survey can be completed online.

Participating allows you to have a conversation with the company. They can listen to what you have to say and make the necessary changes.

It makes no sense to change what already works; therefore, they need to know what doesn’t work in order to make those necessary decisions.

But they still need to know the basics. When you sign up, you will get 250 Best Western reward points.

About Best Western

Best Western has over 4,000 motels and hotels around the world. Since 2011, Best Western has employed a three-tiered branding scheme. Standard Best Western motels still operate as they did in 1946.

Best Western Plus hotels provide a range of extra amenities, while Best Western Premier sites offer top-notch accommodations.

Multi-tiered systems allow the company to service many market segments while maintaining its budget.

Best Western operates as a cooperative which gives each location a lot of autonomy in delivering services and setting prices.

How to take the Best Western Survey on Guest Satisfaction

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Best Western

Best Western Guest Satisfaction Survey

Best Western Guest Satisfaction Survey

You must:

  • Access to the Internet and a computer
  • Learn English.
  • Take a copy of your Best Western receipt with an invitation for the survey.
  • To participate, you must be 18 or older


  1. Go to
  2. Click the drop-down in the right corner of the top to select your language.
    Please enter your first and last names, as well as your email address.
  3. Enter the information about your most recent trip, including location, country, and city. Select your checkout date. Once you’re done, click Begin Survey.
  4. Answer questions. Before you begin each section, please be truthful and carefully read the directions. Each question should be carefully read.
  5. You will be taken to a page telling you how your points were awarded after you have completed the survey. This page can be printed for your records. Other information is not required.

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