The Bartell Drugs Customer Satisfaction Survey, available at, is the company’s survey to understand how the consumers perceive their business. This survey will help the company make positive changes in all areas. It is online as the company wants its survey to be available to all customers.

This survey provides the company with a lot of valuable information. If you are happy with your visit to the company’s store, it tells them that they are following the right protocol. However, if you found something that didn’t meet your expectations, the survey gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion. The company will use this information to determine which areas of the store need improvement.

Bartell Drugs

Bartell Drugs can trace its roots back to 1890 when George H. Bartell Sr. purchased Lake Washington Pharmacy. The pharmacist was determined to provide innovative products and a personalized experience for his customers, a novel idea back then. The pharmacist had one goal: to keep his customers healthy, so they would return to the business. Red Vest Service was also provided by the company. It is a team of staff who assist guests in getting all the products they need in a warm and welcoming environment.

As they were the first to adopt new technology, the company has been innovative. They were pioneers in the use of Gelatin capsules as well photo processing in store and one-hour versions. They now use MyIR to allow their customers to track their immunizations. Bartell now has more than 65 stores. This is testament to their long-term success.

How to complete the Bartell Drugs Customer Satisfaction Study


You Have to:

  • Ability to read and write English.
  • Access to a personal device such as a smartphone or computer that can connect to the Internet.
  • Bartell Drugs receipts are required for any recent purchases.


  1. Follow the link survey.bartelldrugs.comTo take part in the survey, click here
  2. To start the survey, count the number of digits below the barcode.
  3. The survey consists of a series of questions, to assess your experience at one of the company’s stores. The company will take your feedback into consideration, so be honest.


Bartell Drugs will appreciate your feedback about their products and services. This will allow them to better serve you in the future.

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