Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Guest Satisfaction Survey

Available at, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Guest Satisfaction Survey is a questionnaire developed by the restaurant to assess its level of appreciation among its customers. The company will use the information to make the necessary changes in their outlets. The survey is conducted online, so customers can easily provide feedback.

Participating in the survey will give you additional information about their outlets. If you’re happy after dining at one of their restaurants, this shows that they have the right formula for providing a great customer experience. You can also let them know if you don’t like certain aspects of their outlet.

About Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

After growing up in an Italian family, Anthony Bruno found out that there wasn’t any restaurant that serves authentic and good pizzas throughout Florida. As a result of this, he started Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza in 2002. He used the coal oven to make crisp, well-done pizzas for his customers, which was a rarity in New York at the time.

Anthony was able to access family recipes and create authentic pizzas. The incredible taste of his pizzas made his Fort Lauderdale restaurant a hit with diners. His success is evident in the fact that his restaurant chain now has more than 60 locations. The restaurants are loved by their customers for their high-quality ingredients and delicious dishes.

How to Take the Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Guest Satisfaction Survey

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Guest Satisfaction Survey

You must:

  • You must be able to read and speak Spanish.
  • Access to a personal device, such as a smartphone or computer that connects to the Internet.
  • Keep the receipt of your last meal at one of their restaurants.


  1. Follow the link. enter the survey, click here
  2. Enter the 18-digit survey code found on your receipt.
  3. The survey is a questionnaire designed to collect as much information as possible regarding your experience at the restaurant. Your answers should be truthful as the restaurant is looking to improve customer experience.


By completing Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Guest Satisfaction Survey, the restaurant chain gains deeper insight on how to improve customer experience at all their outlets.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza FAQ

Was Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza sold?

Two of the fastest-growing South Florida-based chain restaurants have joined forces in a multimillion-dollar deal. BurgerFi has its headquarters at Palm Beach, announced Monday that it has purchased the Fort Lauderdale-based Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza & Wings in the form of a $161.3 million purchase, WKMG reported.
Does Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza use coal?
“At 60+ locations (and growing), you can’t help crave all the full flavor that comes from our 900-degree coal fired oven”.
Are Coal-Fired Pizza bad for you?

Which is more important: the air is in your lungs or charcoal-fired pizza you enjoy? It has been proven to be among the most polluting fossil fuels and emits toxic carbon dioxide.
Who is the CEO of Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza?

In the course of the agreement, Ian Baines will become the CEO of BurgerFi and Julio Ramirez will remain CEO and president of the BurgerFi brand. Patrick Renna will be named president of Anthony’s. Anthony’s brand.
Is Anthony’s Coal Fired pizza good?

The food: Pizza baked in a coal oven is most often associated with New Haven-style pizza, which is considered by many reviewers to be the top of the best in America. … Anthony’s pizza crust is thin, but crisp and the pizza is light-sauced and in no way spongy, which means it’s simple to grab and enjoy in slices without hanging down.
What kind of cheese does Anthony’s Coal Fired pizza use?

With a zing of flavor, The pizza made in the coal oven is made using our homemade tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, and is topped by Sausage, Baby Meatballs, Cupped Pepperoni, and Smoky Bacon.

Who purchased Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza?

BurgerFi International
Palm Beach, Fla. located fast-casual hamburger chain BurgerFi International announced Monday plans to purchase Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza & Wings for $161.3 million from the growth venture capitalist L Catterton.
How do you heat Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza?

Reheat the Pizza in the Oven
In this way, you can begin by heating the oven to 350°F. Place the pizza slices on a sheet of foil prior to placing it on the top of a rack in order to ensure an evenly distributed heat. You could also utilize a sheet pan which you must heat to ensure that the pizza keeps its crisp crust.

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