ALDI Customer Satisfaction Survey Information

ALDI Customer Satisfaction survey: can be found at Its purpose is to foster transparency and accountability within the company.

This allows management to assess customer satisfaction with products and services. You are encouraged to take part as a valued customer. This gives you an opportunity to voice your opinion and helps to improve services.

Only by listening to customers, the company can determine if they are happy with our products. These questions are typically done online and usually ask for different answers.

The results of the survey are then passed on to management. It might feel like a nag to take the survey, but it can be a way to improve your shopping experience.

Surveys are an immense source of useful information that can be used to meet our customer’s desires.


ALDI stands for Albrecht Discount. You may be wondering why Albrecht? You may be wondering why Albrecht? It is a family-owned business and it is named after Anna Albrecht who opened the first store in Essen (Germany) in 1914.

It was obvious that she was inspired by the idea that people in need should be able to buy food at a discounted price. It still adheres to this idea to this day. It was later known as ALDI discount grocery.

ALDI has over 4000 stores around the world and has a rich history. Be it electronics, fruit & Veg, fresh meats, or wine, ALDI will deliver.

How to take the ALDI Customer Satisfaction survey

ALDI Customer Satisfaction Survey

You Have to Have:

  • A mobile phone or computer with an internet connection.
  • A valid ADLI receipt.
  • You must be a UK legal resident.
  • Ability to understand and read basic English.

You can take by online

  1. Start the survey by visiting
  2. Enter the code inscribed on your ALDI receipt and press ‘next’. However, if the code is incorrect, follow the link that allows you to verify it and re-enter the code you’re given.
  3. Answer the question with all honesty.
  4. When prompted, enter your e-mail address as well as your contact information. This allows you to enter a prize drawing.
  5. Send us your survey.


This survey is easy, quick, and straightforward, as you’ll soon discover. This survey is a rare opportunity for customers to express their concerns and opinions. As a teaser, regular shoppers stand a chance to win £100 vouchers every six weeks.

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How do you do Aldi survey?

One has to complete the Online Aldi Survey at to be able to take part at the draw on-line. Representatives, employees, officers directors or employees from Aldi supermarket chain Aldi supermarket chain, or the immediate families of these employees aren’t qualified to participate in the prize draw.

What is Aldi’s reputation?

Aldi is a privately-owned grocery store which has established its reputation on its low prices and in addition to food, is well-known for special deals bargain items that are available on Thursdays and Sunday.

What is tell Aldi?

Tell Aldi is a chain of supermarkets which has over 10,000 stores in around 20 countries. To collect feedback of its customers they have launched ALDI customer feedback survey on their site
What percentage of Aldi’s fresh meat is Irish?

Aldi has emerged as the winner in an Bord Bia audit of the use of its Quality Assurance Mark in Irish convenience stores and supermarkets. Over 90 percent of the meat it sells fresh has the mark, which assures that it’s of the highest quality and from a respected Irish producer.
Where is the code on my Aldi receipt?

A closer inspection of the receipt reveals both capital letters that appear at the end of every purchase and an attempt to accumulate all “A” and “B” items on in the middle of receipt. “Does anyone know what the A and B is on ALDI receipts?” Shantell, a customer Shantell asked in Facebook’s Markdown Addicts Australia group.

Is Aldi low quality?

Produce is often hit or not so great at Aldi People on Reddit’s Frugal forum claim. It’s possible to find great deals however, sometimes the items get spoiled fast. In an annual Consumer Reports study, Aldi earned high marks all-around, but quite low marks for perishable items such as vegetables and fruits.

Does Aldi have a customer service desk?

Overview. This Global Service Desk acts as the sole point of contact for all types of issues and queries for any of the IT solutions. In particular this Global Service Desk provides first-class support for internal customers within Australia and the United States and Australia.

Does Aldi have a customer service?

Call or write to our helpful customer service representatives. They are available Monday through Saturday from 8am-8pm on Sundays, and bank Holidays between 10am and 4pm. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions or suggestions you might have.

Is Aldi ethical?

Aldi is committed to the highest ethical standards and, in many ways, it is successful. Examples of local sources of food items, less consumption of energy and paying employees far more than the minimum wage indicate that Aldi is committed to ethical business practices seriously.

Who are Aldi’s competitors?

Walmart. Walmart is an American retail business that is thought as one of the best Aldi competitors around the globe in the present. The company was founded as a discount store chain in the period in the period between 1962-69 within the USA.

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