The A.C. Moore Customer Satisfaction Survey helps determine customer satisfaction with the products and services they offer. This survey helps them identify potential supporters and areas where their clients are unhappy. The company will benefit greatly from your honesty as it provides exceptional customer service and develops new marketing strategies.

The A.C. Moore Customer Satisfaction Survey focuses on several areas. These include: recognizing potential problems that could lead to a loss in revenue, long-term identification of what customers consider the most important areas of customer satisfaction, as well as how to encourage and motivate employees at each store.

Moore’s A.C.

A.C. Moore is an art and craft specialty store. They also carry a variety of floral products. It was founded in Moorestown (New Jersey) in 1985. The company produces appealing products that appeal to different customer segments. It all started 32 years ago with one store. Today, the company has 130 stores across the Eastern side of the United States.

A.C. Moore shares a common goal: to stock a wide range of products and provide excellent customer service. They plan to achieve this goal by stocking thousands of units at all locations. They are committed to customer satisfaction through offering affordable prices and outstanding customer service.

How to Take the A.C. Moore Satisfaction Survey


You Have to:

  • Internet access is available on a computer that has a working Internet connection.
  • To understand Spanish and English.
  • A receipt from A.C. Moore


  1. Go to www.acmoorecares.comTo start the survey.
  2. Choose the language you prefer.
  3. To complete the relevant information, such as date/time of purchase, order number, and amount spent, use your receipt.
  4. The receipt will ask you questions about your shopping experience.
  5. Answer as truthfully and candidly as possible.
  6. After that, you will be provided with a code to redeem the special offer.
  7. This offer is valid for 30 days after the date you receive it.


A.C. Moore is committed to providing the best customer service possible and high quality products. Your experience in their store will help you make the best possible future interactions with them.

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